Subdividing Land

The Subdivision Guide applies to anyone subdividing land where the Province of Saskatchewan is the subdivision approving authority. In this situation subdivisions are reviewed by the Community Planning branch (CPB) of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations (GR).

The subdivision approval process is similar whether you are a private land developer or a municipality. All subdivisions must comply with The Statements of Provincial Interest Regulations, The Dedicated Lands Regulation, 2009 and The Subdivision Regulations, 2014 as set out under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 (PDA).

Understanding the issues that may arise, the government agencies involved and the information they require will help facilitate the subdivision process and avoid or limit delays.

The above documents are in pdf format from the Government of Saskatchewan website.

Permit Information / Forms

The R.M of Canwood No. 494 encourages, and promotes, new development opportunities in the municipality, with regulations in place to ensure ratepayers are able to enjoy the rural quality of life.

Whether you are constructing a residence on your land, renovating an existing building, operating a home-based business, constructing a commercial or industrial building, or operating an intensive livestock operation, a number of permits and approvals may be required prior to beginning your project.

The first step in your project planning should be to review the links below. These links will provide more information and the required application forms to be submitted for review.

Development/Building Permits

A development permit authorizes the use of a site or building and confirms compliance. Every person shall obtain a development permit before commencing any development within the municipality. This is the first form of the application process.

A building permit is separate from a development permit. No building permit can be approved without a valid development permit. A building permit is governed by the R.M Building Bylaw and approves building construction, ensuring compliance with the National Building Code. This is the second form to fill out in the application process.

Building Removal/Demolition

A permit is required to be issued prior to the demolition or removal of a building in the municipality.

Moving Permit

A permit is required when a building is being relocated onto or within your property. The building must be inspected prior to it being moved, to determine whether or not the structure meets the requirements and is suitable to be relocated.

Other Permit Information

Planning & Development

Planning & Zoning Documents

All of the R.M.’s various planning and zoning policy documents are located here to provide guidance on land use, development regulations, zoning and more.


Permit Information

Learn more about the various development permit and building permit requirements and download application forms for your Agricultural, Residential, Lakeshore, Hamlet or Recreational project.



If you are a landowner who is thinking of subdividing your land, this link provides information on the application process.