Rural Living

Living in Our Rural Environment

What to expect when living in the Rural Municipality of Canwood No. 494:

  • Agriculture is this municipality’s primary focus. Farming operations may occur around the clock. Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides used in farming operations may cause health sensitivity to family members. Farm animals and their manure do cause odours.
  • Pets and Farm Animals – they are not allowed to stray off your property.
  • Dust – travel on rural gravel roads and surrounding farming operations will cause dust.
  • Travel on gravel roads – drive with care and caution. Gravel tend to be dusty, can develop washboard sections or during inclement weather they may be muddy and become rutted.
  • Noxious Weeds – as a land owner, you are responsible to control and if possible eradicate noxious weeds growing on your lands.
  • Landfill Access – Highway 55 Waste Management Corporation is available for use by rural residents. Fees can be found at