Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for a building permit?

The R.M.’s fee structure is based on a $50.00 administration fee per permit plus $2.00 / $1000 estimated value of construction in excess of $50,000. The permit fee shall also include the full cost of those services provided by the Building Official- BuildTech Consulting. BuildTech Consulting’s proposed fee structure for houses are calculated at $4.00 / $1000 estimated value of construction. BuildTech determines value of construction by the owner’s declared value or market minimum value of construction; whichever is higher.

For a full copy of Proposed Fee Schedules, including smaller projects, please contact the R.M Office.

How long will it take to receive an approved permit?

Permits can take 2-4 weeks to be approved depending on the nature of the project and time of year the applications are submitted. We ask you take this timeframe into account when preparing for construction.

Can I place a camper on a vacant lot?

R.M Bylaws do not allow the placement of a camper unit on a vacant lot, unless the owner has a valid building permit.

Do I need a permit for water and sewer?

The R.M. does not permit for water and sewer. You will need to contact Public Health Inspections for application processes. Forms are available at our office for your convenience or you can visit the link below to access the information directly from Prince Albert Parkland Health Region..

Sewage | Environmental Health | Government of Saskatchewan

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